I'm Anthony Marulanda!

I am a graphic designer and illustrator working in the New York Metropolitan Area. I also have some experience with web design and animation. When I’m not designing, I spend my time getting my inspiration from Japanese anime and manga.

My passion is thinking. I combine my imagination and thought to come up with creative solutions for every project that I work on. However, thinking alone does not get the job done. This is where my passion for creating comes in.

Seeing my ideas come to life has always been the most rewarding aspect of my work. It drives me and motivates me to deliver the highest quality to everything that I do. I tend to let my curiosity take me where it wants to go.

Because of this, I have built a diverse skillset, ranging from the digital to physical. I have extensive experience illustrating for the web and print, using the tools of the trade, Photoshop and Illustrator. I have 3 years worth of experience in book production and working with a team. I’ve also spent long hours working with HTML and CSS, and it was delightful every time.

Outside of my work, I pursue my hobbies with gusto. I have more than a year of experience doing branding and social
media marketing for We Are Geeking Out, a website I run
with my friends.